A preview before the end (of the year)

I’ve seen the future of Fate of Eos … and it’s pretty great.

But we’ll get to that in a minute. First, I want to talk a little about how I plan on doing updates. Short version: only occasionally, when I have something substantive to share. I think a lot of project managers feel the need to post constantly to avoid the appearance that the project might be floundering. I’m going to rely on my publishing history and my personal situation as safeguards against that fear. As to the latter, as many of you know, I am an attorney by day. My firm’s website is at lawcraftfirm.com. If I were to abscond with the Kickstarter proceeds, I would literally be putting my bar license in jeopardy. So, that said, I plan on posting whenever I have something worth posting about. Might be once a month. Sometimes more. As always, you can reach me by posting in the comments, sending me a direct message, or emailing me at justin@dawningstar.com.

Second, I am happy to announce that, due to the success of the Kickstarter, I was able to budget for a freelance editor. My primary role on the project is to manage things. I also contribute some writing and design work. Since Lee Hammock is our lead designer, I’ve always felt comfortable wearing the editor hat as well. However, it’s not ideal. So, I’ve hired Amanda Valentine to serve as our lead editor. She is a seasoned and skilled editor and has done a ton of work on Fate generally and for Evil Hat Productions in particular.

Finally, let’s get to the preview. The success of the Kickstarter has encouraged the design team to really push the envelope. We’ve been working hard to find ways to bring you a truly unique product. To that end, we’ve redesigned the fundamental layout. We are striving to make the book seem like an interactive tablet containing information useful to a new arrival on Eos. You’ll notice the unique, isometric layout and some other features. Because this is a new direction, it is not finalized. We’d appreciate any feedback you have. Without further ado:


As a postscript, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy end to your year. See you I the future!

Justin Jacobson (17 Posts)

An avid gamer since early childhood, Justin started Blue Devil Games as an outlet for his gaming passion. Justin is the managing partner of the Lawcraft firm, specializing in debt collection, where he also gets to help out his gaming friends with their arcane legal issues. The name of the business is a thinly veiled reference to his law degree from Duke University. Just lives with his wife, Jeannine, whom he met in law school, their two girls, Jadyn and Jara, and their cat.

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