Justin Jacobson

An avid gamer since early childhood, Justin started Blue Devil Games as an outlet for his gaming passion. Justin is the managing partner of the Lawcraft firm, specializing in debt collection, where he also gets to help out his gaming friends with their arcane legal issues. The name of the business is a thinly veiled reference to his law degree from Duke University. Just lives with his wife, Jeannine, whom he met in law school, their two girls, Jadyn and Jara, and their cat.

Dawning Star: Fate of Eos is GO FOR LAUNCH!

Our Kickstarter is now officially live. Go check out our Kickstarter page. We’d love it if you’d check it out, back it, or even just help us spread the word.


Fate RPG SRD Website

Fate Core is released under the Open Game License. So it is pleasant if unsurprising that some enterprising fan has seen fit to put the rules text up online. What’s surprising is what an amazing job Randy Oest did in… Continue reading

Dawning Star Actual Play: Racism and Red Truth.

Sean Nittner was kind enough to run one of our Gen Con games at the last minute. As a member of Evil Hat Productions, Sean is an expert in Fate. However, he didn’t know anything about Dawning Star. The “Freight… Continue reading

Fate Dice Up for Preorder

Just back from Gen Con. I’ll have some follow-up posts about how things went. Short version: awesome!

In the interim, one of the big announcements was that Fate Dice are now up for preorder through the Evil Hat website. They had samples at the convention, and the quality looks tip-top. What do we recommend for Dawning Star? Well, the colors on the Core Set are perfect:

Continue reading

Gen Con: “Freight with Peril” and Games on Demand

Power up your rifle! As EDF elites, it’s your job to secure an alien relic aboard a Republic train. The Freedom League has other plans. Ambush! Now the plasma’s flying, and the relic has activated….

All of our scheduled events… Continue reading

Atomic Robo: Preview Page

We’re not the only ones playing in the Fate sandbox. The good folks of Atomic Robo are teaming up with our friends at Evil Hat Productions on a forthcoming Atomic Robo RPG. As gamers, we’re super excited to see them bring the pulpy scientific comic to life. Fred Hicks posted a little teaser of how it’s going.

In short, looking great:

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Dawning Star Is Go for Relaunch!

Helios Rising CoverIt’s actually happening. After a couple of years of figuring out the best way to relaunch, we finally found something we’re excited about: The recently released Fate Core rules from Evil Hat Productions. We believe Fate gives us a great… Continue reading

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