Iakali WiP

The next incarnation of Dawning Star has lot of new playable alien species, some of them are quite different form the humanoid stereotypes, yet are strangely familiar…

The Iakali is a lobster like creature… few weeks ago I was… Continue reading

Color to the species

Some sneak peek to the species of Dawning Star, in color.

Creatures Gallery


X is for Xenomorphs.

Varied and exotic fauna, the Dawning Star setting has plenty of it.

Imagining incredible creatures is always one of the most exciting aspects of working on a brand new game line.

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Technology gallery

The overall concept design of the Dawning Star game line is an incredible opportunity to let imagination run wild…
Here is a small selection of Dawning Star technology: mecha, weapons, armors, spaceships and a lot more.

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