As jet along on the book, I thought it would be fun to release this into the wild:


RJ, Danilo, and myself have been working on this random xenomorph generator. Go burn up some bugs! It uses Fate Dice… Continue reading

Gen Con!

So, I leave for Gen Con tomorrow. Lead designer, Lee Hammock will also be in attendance on Goblinworks’ dime. As you might know, my attendance was in some doubt due to medical issues. Fortunately, I resolved them, so I’ll be… Continue reading

Update: Progress & Playtest

Update on the Kickstarter page. Short version: My back is feeling better, we’re making great progress on the manuscript, and playtest packets are out.

Kickstarter Update: Playtest and Art

I’ve posted a new update over on Kickstarter, making a final call for playtesters and featuring some of Danilo’s gorgeous new color art.

Development Update & Call for Playtesters

Over on the Kickstarter page, we’ve posted an update to the development process and put out a call for playtesters as we work to incorporate some new mechanics.

Aspect Cards in Action!

I just got the dry-erase aspect cards in, and they look great. The video is not so hot–it’s difficult to erase and hold an iPhone at the same time–but you can get an idea of how they look and work.… Continue reading

A preview before the end (of the year)

I’ve seen the future of Fate of Eos … and it’s pretty great.

But we’ll get to that in a minute. First, I want to talk a little about how I plan on doing updates. Short version: only… Continue reading

Go For Launch!

Our Kickstarter project was a huge success! 884 backers and nearly triple our goal!

First things first, I want to thank some people: The DS crew, who put their time and effort into ensuring a successful run: Lee, Sean, RJ,… Continue reading

Interview: Kickstarter Conversations

James Yee of Kickstarter Conversations interviewed me about the Kickstarter, and it’s up now on their site. It’s a neat format, done via a shared Google doc, that allows for some more detailed conversation. Come see what we have… Continue reading

Stretch Goals!

We’ve reached our initial goal and have announced our first two stretch goals. If we get to $15,000, we’re increasing the page count to 320. If we get to $20,000, we’re publishing in full color. You can read more about… Continue reading