Dawning Star: Fate of Eos uses the Fate Core rules from Evil Hat Productions. Fate is a robust system. Earlier versions can be found in such games as Spirit of the Century, Starblazer Adventures, and The Dresden Files.  The Fate system focuses on narrative mechanics, creating dramatic stories that feel like pulp comics or action movies.  Fate guides the players to create a great story rather than accurate simulation or highly detailed game mechanics. In short, it gets the characters into great trouble and lets them be awesome getting out of it.

Recently Evil Hat Production, released Fate Core, the definitive version of the rules. You can download a full version of the rules for free on a “play before you pay” model via their website, or you can review them online at the Fate SRD website. For Dawning Star: Fate of Eos, we’ve adjusted the dials to perfectly suit the setting. In particular, we’re focusing on four main areas:

Xenomorphs: While humans are a big part of the Dawning Star setting, the Helios system is also home to a wide variety of alien species both friendly and hostile. The rules include a variety of existing sapient species for player characters as well guidelines for players to create new alien species. Players may select species-specific aspects and stunts to truly define their characters. There are also a large number of lethal alien species to challenge them.

Tech: As a science-fiction setting, and given the scarce resources on Eos, equipment often plays a greater role in Dawning Star than in other Fate settings. Additionally, the equipment spans a wide range of technological levels, from simple tools to singularity-based weaponry.  Dawning Star: Fate of Eos uses a combination of aspects, stunts, and other mechanics to make tech–from pistols to alien artifacts–a signifcant part of the game.

Spaceships: An entire campaign could easily be run without leaving Eos’s atmosphere. However, some groups will want to take to the stars. Using the core Fate rules as a foundation, Dawning Star: Fate of Eos includes guidance for building spacecraft and running battles among the stars. Players that want to helm their own ship can do so, whether it’s a trading vessel, exploration ship, or military cruiser.

Red Truth: Dawning Star includes a unique take on psionics, in keeping with our effort to build the setting on a scientific foundation. A parallel dimension to our own is comprised of raw information–like that shot in the Matrix, where objects are represented as data. This alternate dimension is Red Truth. People who can perceive Red Truth have access to a vast amount of information, assuming they can withstand the mental strain. Dawning Star: Fate of Eos provides rules for characters to access Red Truth. It is treated as an extra, with a full array of skills, stunts, and special rules.

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