Go For Launch!

Our Kickstarter project was a huge success! 884 backers and nearly triple our goal!

First things first, I want to thank some people: The DS crew, who put their time and effort into ensuring a successful run: Lee, Sean, RJ,… Continue reading

Dawning Star Actual Play: Racism and Red Truth.

Sean Nittner was kind enough to run one of our Gen Con games at the last minute. As a member of Evil Hat Productions, Sean is an expert in Fate. However, he didn’t know anything about Dawning Star. The “Freight… Continue reading

Atomic Robo: Preview Page

We’re not the only ones playing in the Fate sandbox. The good folks of Atomic Robo are teaming up with our friends at Evil Hat Productions on a forthcoming Atomic Robo RPG. As gamers, we’re super excited to see them bring the pulpy scientific comic to life. Fred Hicks posted a little teaser of how it’s going.

In short, looking great:

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Dawning Star Is Go for Relaunch!

Helios Rising CoverIt’s actually happening. After a couple of years of figuring out the best way to relaunch, we finally found something we’re excited about: The recently released Fate Core rules from Evil Hat Productions. We believe Fate gives us a great… Continue reading