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The overall concept design of the Dawning Star game line is an incredible opportunity to let imagination run wild…
Here is a small selection of Dawning Star technology: mecha, weapons, armors, spaceships and a lot more.

A rich universe of diverse technologies awaits!

Danilo Moretti (5 Posts)

Born and raised in Turin, Italy, with pencils, pens, paper (and tablet) as close friends, he's a professional graphic designer and artist. RPGs are his passion since 1985 when he bought D&D's Red Box. In 1990 founded RUNE an RPG magazine and later in 1994 designed and Legione a superhero RPG. Much later he returned to the hobby founding Inspired Device a micro game design studio, in 2010 published Fenomena and in 2013 Super Adventures.

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  • Victor Serrano says:

    They are amazing as always! Dawning Star can’t wait for its relaunch, I would have love though a Savage Worlds version but we get what we get.

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