Dawning Star is a science fiction setting of hope and survival in the not too distant future of humanity. Set after the forced evacuation of Earth due to an impending asteroid impact, Dawning Star follows the story one of the evacuation ships. In a freak occurrence, an alien artifact at the edge of our system scattered the evacuation fleet across the galaxy. The Dawning Star finds itself in the Helios system with a single habitable planet to now call home. The crew and colonists of the Dawning Star make their new home on the planet Eos, settling among its alien ruins and indigenous lifeforms.

While advanced technology exists in the hands of the colonists, there is never enough of it to go around.  Dawning Star is not a setting of vast armies and fleets fighting for the survival of thousands of worlds–every person and resource is vital to the continued survival of humanity.  Republic Rangers help ranchers deal with hostile alien monsters, and enterprising barter jacks make first contact with new species. Eos is a world of ancient mysteries, political conflict, and very real alien threats.

But things have changed in recent months. A second evacuation ship from Earth has found its way to Eos, this one bolted to an alien ship full of refugees from a hundred worlds. Now the fledgling Dawning Star Republic has seen its population double as its resources strain to adapt. Beset by starvation, miscommunication, and impending war, Eos is a planet badly in need of heroes.