Working on DS, again!

A few vehicles.

A few vehicles.

Yesterday I spent some time browsing on my HD archives looking at the sheer amount of material produced for the look’n'feel of the original Dawning Star line (d20) over its lifespan. Hundreds of pictures, technical and weapon diagrams, maps … nearly a thousand pages of layout…


No, I said Wow!

When you work on a huge project like DS, you sometimes loose track of the big picture and focus on the day-to-day problem-solving and creative process, and frankly once I complete an assignment of this magnitude, I’m so exhausted that months can pass before I truly cool off and recover the fresh perspective required to evaluate my own work (sort of a delayed level-up).

So when Justin contacted me with this truly exciting idea of combining the most imaginative sci-fi setting I ever read with one of the rules system I like most, I was very, very thrilled.

It surprised me.

Professionally speaking, after years in the industry, you can become a little “jaded” and evaluate a new job as, well, as a new job. This time was different, probably because I know that working with Justin, Lee, and the other guys was one of the best professional experiences I had in my 20-year career, maybe for the large creative freedom I enjoyed (quite rare opportunity) imagining the DS universe, or simply because DS is a friggin’ good game.

Now, five years have passed, and a relaunch for Dawning Star was definitely needed (and expected by the fanbase). So let’s start our engines!

Meet you in orbit.

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